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Section VI:
Nutrition and Health

6.1 Nutritional and Health Attributes

The holistic approach to medicine and diet has gained momentum in the modern context since the 1970s. Recent researches in biochemistry, physiology and nutrition suggest that, besides providing basic nutrition, certain foods in general and milk products in particular fulfil important physiological functions. The emphasis in nutritional sciences has now shifted to provide what were once considered nonessential components of diet, but are now regarded indispensable for improved quality of life. Because of their significant impact on the physical and mental well-being, futurologists envision a gradual shift of the food industry towards health and functional foods. This section deals with scientific understanding of the strong relationship between our food and health in the context of indigenous milk products.

6.1 Nutritional and Health Attributes

  • Nutritional Composition of Milk
  • Nutritional Profile of Indian Milk Products
  • Recommended Dietary Allowances
  • Milk Proteins
  • Milk Fat and Ghee
  • Lactose; Vitamins and Minerals
  • Fermented Milk Products

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6.1 Nutritional and Health Attributes

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