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Technology of Indian Milk Products.
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       About the Book  
Ethnic dairy foods constitute the largest and fastest growing segment of dairying in South Asia. Recent innovative technologies have resulted in their assembly-line production. These advances are expanding opportunities for agribusiness enterprises. They are documented in this handbook — Technology of Indian Milk Products.

The handbook provides data on some 50 ethnic dairy products, covering product description, composition, physiochemical characteristics, sensory aspects, quality factors, shelf life, packaging, storage, technology and industrial manufacture. Its scope extends to Food Engineering and Technology, Agriculture Economics and Statistics, Nutrition, Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and Rural Technology.
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Processing vats used in shrikhand production at the Sugam Dairy, Vadodra
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  Co-authored by:
  • Dr Ram P Aneja
  • Dr B N Mathur
  • Dr Ramesh C Chandan
  • Mr Asim K Banerjee
  •   Food industry consultants, R&D scientists,   extension workers,  rural development   professionals, agri-entrepreneurs,
      market researchers, farm economists
      and students amongst others.
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     The handbook has been featured
     in leading newspapers and journals  worldwide. It has been commended
     by leading Indian dairy authorities
     and commented on various websites.
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    Technology of Indian Milk Products
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