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Bottomline: Flourishing overseas market for Indian milk sweets
Canadian Anand... Utterly, Butterly!

Source: The Financial Express, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai and New Delhi, December 27, 2002

Ashok B Sharma

Canadians are gulping shrikhand, paneer and gulabjamuns by the mouthful. The traditional Indian dairy products are a big hit in the snow-bound country.

To cater to Canadian taste-buds, IDP Foods Inc, Miramichi, New Brunswick, has set up a pilot dairy unit, replicating Indian technology and especially the Anand model of milk revolution through cooperatives.

Initially, the products are being marketed under 'Anand' brand on the east coast of North America, New York and Toronto, which are Equidistant from Miramichi.

The Canadian pilot project borrowed its concept from Sugam Dairy in Vadodara district. Adopting Sugam's technology, IDP Foods Inc has enhanced the shelf life of paneer by three months and that of srikhand by six months.

To minimise capital costs, IDP Foods Inc has installed reconditioned machinery and draws milk, steam, power and water from the fluid milk plant of Northumberland Dairy Cooperative.

"IDP Foods Inc set up in June 2002 is doing extremely well and this pilot plant is the biggest attempt outside India to make traditional Indian dairy products on an industrial scale. This also marks the success of export of Indian technology," says a study entitled Technology of Indian Milk Products, authored by RP Aneja, BN Mathur, RC Chandan and AK Banerjee.

"A flourishing market for India's milk sweets is expanding overseas. In North America alone, its value is estimated at $500 million among four million South Asians. The locals also prefer Indian milk sweets, " adds the study.

It documents as many as 70 traditional dairy delicacies under five major heads.

"Dahi is not just yoghurt, paneer is not cheese, lassi is not just acidified milk, ghee is not clarified butter, ice-cream is no substitute for kulfi...
The preparation of many traditional dairy items are different in various parts of India. It is this pecularity in preparations and tastes that appeals to foreigners, giving scope to expand export market," says the study.

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