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Technology of Indian Milk Products
Source: International Journal of Dairy Technology, UK

Review by Ernest Mann*

Indian milk products are becoming known and appreciated throughout the world and many of them are now manufactured in regions outside India, especially in areas with large Indian populations. However, until the publication of this 462-page handbook there has been a lack of up-to-date and reliable information on the manufacture of these products, which has hindered progress in their most effective and economical manufacture.

This remarkable book, written by four of India's leading dairy professionals, includes detailed descriptions of the manufacture and characteristics of hundreds of national and regional milk products and, where appropriate, gives flow diagrams of the industrial manufacture of many of these products. The many coloured photographs and diagrams throughout the book add considerably to both its information content and its aesthetic appeal.

The book is divided into 7 sections under the broad headings of: Overview; Principles of processing; Technology; Industrial production; New vistas for industrialisation; Nutrition and health; and a Buyers guide and who's who. The wealth of information in these sections , which goes well beyond the detailed descriptions of the manufacture and characteristics of Indian milk products, is supported by 250 statistical tables, 60 charts and diagrams, and 25 beautiful colour photographs.

At a time
when increasing globalization is changing the ways in which consumers are looking at food and are constantly looking for new products and flavours, ethnic dairy delicacies such as those described in this book play an important role. The market for traditional milk products in India now exceeds US $10 billion and the transformation of the manufacture of Indian traditional milk-based sweets from an age-old art into an exact science forms the core of the contents of this handbook.

It is difficult to realise that it is only about 20 years ago, that India's first plant was set up to manufacture these specialities, using modern technology. This has no doubt contributed to the setting up of ethnic milk product plants in the USA and in Canada.

This unusual book deserves to find its way onto the bookshelves of dairy and food professionals throughout the world who have an interest in the manufacture, characteristics, and marketing of ethnic milk products, as well as, of course, the hundreds of libraries in colleges and universities where dairy and food science and technology is taught. Last but not least, many public libraries could benefit their readers by having copies of the book on their shelves.

*Dr. Mann is the Chairman of the Editorial Committee of the International Journal of Dairy Technology, UK. He is also Editor of the FAO Dairy Development Newsletter as well as contributes to a large number of technical and trade dairy periodicals.

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 Socio-Economic  Growth
This handbook is an example of the interaction of modern technology on age-old traditional activity to bring about desired changes: Accelerate the pace of socio-economic growth in many areas such as enhancing incomes of milk producers while ensuring better, safer, quality food products with longer shelf life for consumers.


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