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Ethnic Milk Foods Hit Big Time

Source: India Post, Los Angeles, June 6, 2003

India Post News Service

The market for traditional Indian milk products in North America is estimated at $500 million among 4 million South Asians. Big brand names of the Indian dairy industry like Amul, Nestle, Britannia and Mother Dairy are slowly waking up to this potential as evidenced in the just published handbook Technology of Indian Milk Products.
The book provides technical guidance to the industry to "go traditional the modern way". Inspired by the example of the big brands, hundreds of small companies are repeating this success story in their market hinterland in India.

Presently, these ethnic products account for 90 per cent of all dairy products consumed in India. Despite the mass appeal they have enjoyed for thousands of years in the subcontinent, the organized sector had so far confined itself to western products like milk powder, cheese, table butter and ice cream because technologies were available for their mass production.

In the last twenty years, the advent of innovative researches at the Indian R&D centers like the National Dairy Research Institute and the National Dairy Development Board has led to the assembly line production of such milk food delicacies. More and more dairies are taking to their production.

The boom is spreading abroad with a Canadian cooperative in Miramich, NB, having commissioned a full-fledged plant for Indian dairy products The number of smaller enterprises by Indians would run into hundreds.

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New Economic 
Technical advances for production of traditional milk products are creating new economic opportunities for a range of agribusiness enterprises to expand avenues for enhanced income in rural India. These exciting developments have triggered a revolution that is transforming the socio-economic life of millions of small farmers and landless workers, largely women.
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