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Indian milk products have been in the news and is poised for explosive growth due to increased industrial production.

Technology of Indian Milk Products has received rave reviews and has been widely written about in some of the most respected dairy journals and newspapers around the world.

Book Review

Technology of Indian Milk Products
Source: International Journal of Dairy Technology, UK
"… when increasing globalization is changing the ways in which consumers are looking at food and are constantly looking for new products and flavours, ethnic dairy delicacies such as those described in this book play an important role."

New Possibilities: Dairy Products - Indian Style
Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter, UK, December 3, 2002, Vol.: 14, No 16
"This handbook, specifically designed for dairy and food professionals, provides key basic data on the chemistry and functional properties of milk needed for producing these specialised products, problem-solving tips, processing characteristics and product specification."

An Unending White Revolution

Source: Khaleej Times, Dubai, June 30, 2003
"It is primarily a practical guide for scientists and prospective entrepreneurs in the field of food and dairy technology, giving them all relevant information on processing principles, technology for industrial production and packaging, nutrition, health, market surveys and statistics."

Technology of Indian Milk Products
Source: IRMA Network, April-June, 2003
"…Technology of Indian Milk Products, is the pioneering effort on the part of its co-authors and its publisher aimed at compiling and collating various pieces of information relating to technologies in use for manufacturing of India's indigenous milk products and bring out a comprehensive handbook on the subject. They deserve commendation."

A Treatise on Indian Milk Products
Source: AAFFexions — A Quarterly Newsletter of Afro-Asian Federation of Food Science and Technology Institutions
"… an illustrated source book providing essential information in an easily accessible format, on traditional and technological aspects of mithais and other indigenous milk products of Indian origin."

Ethnic Milk Foods Hit Big Time
Source: India Post, Los Angeles, June 6, 2003
"The book provides technical guidance to the industry to "go traditional the modern way"."

Source: Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, India, May, 2003
"It also explores the scope for large-scale manufacture of ethnic dairy products, while highlighting opportunities for emerging markets and investment prospects."

In the News

Ethnic Dairy Delicacies Expand Consumer Choice
Source: Dairy Outlook Forum of Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO/UN)
"… I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a comprehensive guide to the Indian dairy products sector: characteristics, regulations and processing techniques. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in doing business with India."

Indian Milk Product Go Global
Source: APHCA (Asian Livestock) Bangkok, Thailand, December 27, 2002
"In short, the "Technology of Indian Milk Products" handbook puts together such practical technical data and guidelines, that are useful to dairy technologists, product developers, production managers, manufacturers and suppliers of inputs, services and equipment, consultants to dairy and food industry."

The Milky Way to Growth
Source: The Business Standard, New Delhi and Kolkata, India, December 17, 2002
"…what has been impeding the progress in this field so far was the lack of technical and commercial information for the prospective entrepreneurs. They did not know where and what kind of processing technology was available for each of these products. This gap has now been bridged with the release of a comprehensive compendium of all such information and know-how."

Canadian Anand... Utterly, Butterly!
Source: The Financial Express, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, Mumbai and New Delhi, December 27, 2002
"IDP Foods Inc set up in June 2002 is doing extremely well and this pilot plant is the biggest attempt outside India to make traditional Indian dairy products on an industrial scale. This also marks the success of export of Indian technology," says a study entitled Technology of Indian Milk Products.

American Palates to Get Taste of Rasogollas
Source: The Economic Times, New Delhi, India, Dec 9, 2002
"According to the recently released "Technology of Indian Milk Products" industry referencer published by Dairy India, the market for traditional Indian milk-based sweets alone is estimated at $500m."

'Dairy Sector Shifting Focus on Ethnic Products'
Source: The Hindu Business Line, New Delhi, May 13, 2003
"The dairy industry is witnessing rapid changes. In search of better returns, the industry is widening its focus to include traditional milk products, and these are emerging as new profit centres for the organised sector."

Enabling Dairy Technologically
Source: Times Agriculture Journal, March-April 2003
"The subject of the book marks the second phase of the White Revolution by strengthening the traditional dairy sector and giving it a new direction through the application of modern technology."

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Triple Uses
This compendium would be useful in three ways: one, by alerting prospective entrepreneurs on new opportunities in dairy-related agri-enterprises; two, by helping them in implementation and evaluation of such projects, using the data, cost estimates and process know-how detailed in the handbook; three, by serving as an essential resource base for developing training materials.
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