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New Possibilities: Dairy Products - Indian Style

Source: Dairy Industry Newsletter, UK, December 3, 2002, Vol.: 14, No 16

The market for traditional dairy products in India exceeds $10bn and is the fastest growing sector of the Indian dairy industry. For example, consumption of 'dahi' traditional plain yogurt exceeds 5m tonnes a year, 50-times the total consumption of yogurt in the US. There is also a flourishing and growing market for for Indian ethnic milk products overseas. In north America alone, its value is estimated at $500m, mainly among the 4m south Asian residents. In Canada, a dairy farm co-operative has recently set up a pilot plant in New Brunswick for the production of traditional Indian milk delicacies.
Some 20yrs ago, for the first time, a leading Indian dairy company began producing traditional handmade Indian milk-based sweets and desserts on an industrial scale. The project has been a huge success and products are now being exported. India's experience in mechanising the production of these dairy products is detailed in a massive new publication from 'Dairy India' called Technology of Indian Milk Products which explores the scope for the large-scale manufacture of ethnic dairy products and it highlights opportunities for investment prospects in emerging markets.

In this first book of its kind, a multidisciplinary approach is used to provide detailed technical information supported with 60 process flow charts and engineering drawings. The book also provides an update on India's vast dairy market, the world's largest, valued at $22bn, with wide-ranging analysis of the demand and supply situation.

This publication comes at a time when there is a growing international search for exotic new dairy products, one source of which may well be in the wide range ethnic specialities.

This handbook, specifically designed for dairy and food professionals, provides key basic data on the chemistry and functional properties of milk needed for producing these specialised products, problem-solving tips, processing characteristics and product specification. The book places a lot of emphasis on project design, equipment specifications and plant layouts for the design of projects for the industrial manufacture of these products and consumption market data to cater to local preferences.

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Global Reach
Technical advances in the production of dairy foods are creating new economic opportunities for a range of agri-business enterprises to expand avenues for enhanced income in India. These exciting developments have triggered a revolution that is transforming the socio-economic life of millions. Their relevance can be extended to other countries of South Asia and perhaps to a large extent to other third world countries with a strong base for traditional milk products.
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