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The handbook entitled Technology of Indian Milk Products covering the process technology modernization, especially for professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists, is a timely publication by a group of very able authors who have put in a lot of inputs at this juncture when India is leading in the world in milk production. It is highly timely and very strategic to bring out this book as leaders in milk and we should now go further high in the value addition to milk.

All these things could happen with a quality assurance of raw material and technical human resource training at different levels. This can only be achieved by an appropriate appraisal and awareness to be brought on a very large scale since this is a highly dissipated industry and has its origin from tiny, cottage all the way to large scale industry. The Indian milk products also need to be addressed in terms of value addition and in terms of bringing the tradition and processing itself and extension of shelf life for the ethnic tongue around the world.

I guess this is a very important contribution that we could do to the rest of the world through promoting the Indian milk products both from the taste angle as well as the health angle. In this context, we also require dedicated workers with emphasis on packaging with a clear mandate of once again the concepts of quality and safety engulfed into it. The Indian equipment manufacturers, many of them who are of international standards, could really make a difference in the overall impact of this industry through adaptable equipments.

I am also extremely glad to see the importance that the authors have brought in newer concepts for products, packaging and export to outreach the Indian products to global market and enhance the export capabilities.

As we address the market for the 80 million tonnes of milk in India, the figure of 100 million tonnes does not seem to be far away. We need to strategically plan all this into food safety, food security including nutrition to convert the dairy industry in the market into a very profitable sector, thus ensuring the industry stability on the one hand and the production stability on the other hand. In complimenting the authors for this excellent handbook, I am sure this will be a good asset for both professional and private libraries and also for the CEOs and Chairmen of Institutions and Companies who are involved in day-to-day dairy industry.

Dr V Prakash, Director, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore

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An Essential Handbook
The ramifications of these innovative technologies, recently developed, have been documented in the handbook on the 'Technology of Indian Milk Products', co-authored by four eminent dairy scientists. A practical guide of recommended practices for the dairy and food industry, the handbook also serves as an essential resource material for developing training modules.
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