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Technology of Indian Milk Products, is the pioneering effort… aimed at
compiling and collating various pieces of information relating to technologies in
use for manufacturing of India's indigenous milk products and bring out a comprehensive handbook on the subject.

Now opportunities are there for all countries to benefit from greater access to the world markets. Annually, around 500 million metric tonnes of foodstuffs are traded internationally having an estimated value of $400 billion.


An admirable example of Western technology adaptation is the manufacture of shrikhand on a large scale... Today, the volume of shrikhand manufactured by the organised sector exceeds that of processed cheese sold in India.


"Traditional milk products have the potential to become a major profit centre for the organised industry, given the sheer mass appeal it enjoys. This, however, calls for large-scale process modernization"


This handbook will give a new thrust to the organized sector of India's dairy industry and provide enormous stability to it. The handbook will broaden its base by diversifying its product mix to cover The factory scale production of our age-old traditional milk products…


"The preparation of many traditional dairy items are different in various parts of India. It is this pecularity in preparations and tastes that appeals to foreigners, giving scope to expand export market," says The study.


The market for mass-produced and packaged indigenous milk-based products is expanding fast at both The domestic and global level. Even today, The domestic market of ethnic milk products is estimated at Rs 5,000 crore.

"The Indian diaspora presents an exciting avenue for globalisation of mithais," The handbook maintains. "Entrepreneurs in Europe, North America and Australia are looking into The prospects of manufacturing traditional Indian mithais."


… over The last two decades, institutes such as The National Dairy Research Institute and NDDB have made possible assembly line production of ethnic dairy products such as shrikhand, gulab jamun, paneer, kulfi, mishti doi, dahi and lassi.

The subject of The book marks The second phase of The White Revolution by strengthening The traditional dairy sector and giving it a new direction through The application of modern technology.

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 New Approach
"I expect this effort to contribute in bringing about a new approach for offering quality Indian milk products".
- Dr V Kurien, Father of White Revolution
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