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The following extracts from the handbook Technology of Indian Milk Products would be of interest to Manufacturers & Suppliers of Inputs, Services and Equipment.

Section 4.1 - Production Planning and Implementation

Liquid Handling Section (Pg 232)

A self-contained unit, designed to handle 20,000 litres of milk per day, should be planned on the following assumptions:

  • Raw milk is transported from villages in 40-litre cans on trucks.
  • It is received at the dairy dock between 8 am and 11 am (morning) and 7 pm to 10 PM (evening).
  • The dairy is designed to receive raw milk in cans at around 35oC. If milk is received in road tankers, more equipment may be required. To ensure good quality, the raw milk should be chilled and transported in insulated road milk tankers.
  • The milk pump is rated at 5,000 litres/hour capacity to enable quick transfer of treated milk to the production section. The milk reception time can be the real hold-up. A better option is to start the day's operation with pasteurization / standardization / separation of stored chilled milk received in the evening shift.
  • When the product factory is part of an existing milk processing plant, the milk handling section is not required.

If chilled milk is received in tankers, the following additional equipment are needed:

  • Tanker unloading pump (stainless steel) - 10,000 litres/hour;
  • Hose pipe and balance tank; and,
  • Duplex filter - 10,000 litres/hour.

Figure 4.1.6 Mass Balance for production of pasteurized/ultrapasteurized lassi
(Pg 242)

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